Monday, 21 July 2014


Our time spent in Krakow was pretty wonderful. We stayed in a hostel right in the main square and didn't venture too far out of the vicinity. The square is one of the nicest I have seen in Europe. It's lined with lovely restaurants and there was always something going on, whether it was a music concert or people breakdancing in the street. The atmosphere is great, especially at night when the buildings are all lit up and people are still out and about. We sampled some of the Polish cuisine in a lovely little place called Wesele. It was so good we went back a couple of days later for another helping. We also did the walking tour of the city which was fun and historical, we learnt a lot about the history of the square and of Poland. One of Poland's specialities is the lemon vodka. We tried some of this in a tiny bar down one of the side streets by the square. Needless to say it is very strong so if you're ever in Poland, proceed with caution! The Polish don't believe in mixing their spirits, so it's very easy to get completely hammered there. Whilst in Krakow I took a day trip by myself to Auschwitz concentration camp and as you can imagine, it's an experience I will never forget. I will talk about it fully in my next post. Krakow was a great experience and a lovely place to visit. It's not quite up in my top five but it's very close.

Nina Francesca x

Sunday, 13 July 2014


Budapest is definitely up there with my top places that we visited during our travels. Like Prague it had so much beautiful architecture and a rich history. It was a pleasure to explore this wonderful city. The locals were all extremely friendly to us which made the whole experience even better. I also can't express to you how good the food was here. I'm sure you've noticed that we managed to eat out a lot, and the food here was by far the best out of all the places we visited. It's quite a claim to make but I can assure you the food in Budapest is amazing! We didn't have a single bad meal, if you're a foodie then this is the place for you. We got to see both sides of the city, Buda and Pest, which are separated by several bridges, crossing the River Danube. We also spent a day at the famous Szechenyi Thermal Baths which was so relaxing. We lounged for hours in the sun in one of their heated outdoor pools. I didn't take my camera though for fear of getting it wet. If you're ever in Budapest then the baths are a must see. You can go all year round and I imagine those warm waters are even better in winter when it's freezing. There are plenty of things to see and do in Budapest and we only had four days, so I'm sure I'll be visiting again at some point in the future.

Nina Francesca x 

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Prague is a truly magical city. Even in the pouring rain it was hard for us not to love it. The gothic buildings and stunning architecture make you feel like you're in some sort of fairytale. The food was gorgeous which was an added bonus for me, since I consider myself a bit of a foodie and it can make or break a place in my opinion. The local delicacy is beef goulash which is incredibly rich and hearty, and utterly delicious. As usual we did the free walking tour to learn a little about the history of Prague. It's a great way to start off in any city since you learn things you wouldn't necessarily be able to get from the internet. I will definitely be going back to Prague in the future as it was one of my favourite places that we visited during the trip. It's an absolutely beautiful place for a city break and one I would highly recommend to anyone.

Nina Francesca x