Saturday, 10 May 2014

Adventure Awaits

Sunglasses & Bikini - Topshop // Backpack - Marks & Spencer

In a week's time my friend and I will be embarking on a 6 week InterRail trip around Europe and it's safe to say that I'm getting a little bit excited. This trip has been in the works for a long time now and it's finally happening after months of saving and organising. This time next month we'll be in the midst of hauling ourselves around Europe with huge rucksacks in tow, looking like typical tourists and shuffling ourselves between youth hostels. The nerves are starting to kick in now as I've never been abroad for longer than a month, and I'm certain that the train journeys will be quite draining. I'm beyond ready for it though as I've been itching to get out and see the world ever since leaving university. Any advice and tips you may have for a first time backpacker would be most welcome! Have any of you been travelling for an extended period of time before?

Nina Francesca x


  1. omg how exciting? will you be visiting germany? ive never done backpacking but I have stayed abroad for 4 months!

    1. Yes I'll be visiting Berlin! :) So excited x

    2. awesome! ive been there once! i live near a city called regensburg in bavaria.

  2. WOW! What a good expenrience! Enjoy your trip :)

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  3. Have fun! Hope you have a pleasant trip :)